Pastor Cher Winkley Huff, Ph.D.

Founder and Executive Pastor

Pastor Cher Winkley Huff has been in the ministry since 1994. She is both licensed and ordained. She served as the Executive Pastor of the Holy Tabernacle Church International in Mesquite, TX, under the leadership of and alongside her father and Pastor D.L. Winkley for 20+ years. Since getting married in July 2022, she has been in pastoral ministry with her husband, Pastor R. E. Huff, Jr, who has also been in ministry for over 20 years, pastoring for over 10 years. Moreover, this year, together and by God’s grace, they have founded and birthed Word and Worship Fellowship Church located in Dallas, TX, and serve there as the Pastors! God is truly blessing The Huff Pastors and Word and Worship FC, and for that, they are grateful!

Pastor Cher has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Southern Methodist University’s (SMU), her Masters of Divinity from Criswell College, and her Ph.D. in Leadership from Dallas Baptist University all in Dallas, TX.

She has traveled all over the world, including Africa, London, and South East Asia studying, teaching and preaching The Word of God. She has also inaugurated a Daily Bible Reading challenge on social media for believers to journey with her and read the Bible through in a year, as she has read it through almost 30 times. As she so eloquently describes It, “The Word of God is LIFE!”

She loves her family, is a mentor of women both young and old, is passionate about education, loves serving in Mission efforts both in America and in other Countries, is an Author, and is also a Gospel Music Artist. Her music available on all digital media outlets and is played across the world. The admirable things about Pastor Cher is that she is faithful to the call of God on her life. She lives what she preaches, and is serious about her walk and enjoys living the life God gives her to the fullest!

She is honored at every opportunity to share the message of reconciliation, and she effectively does so. It is her life, her mission, her calling her duty to preach and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After hearing her, you will experience the exaltation of Jesus Christ and His manifested glory; you will embrace yourself in Him as He is revealed and; you will be empowered by Him to make a real Kingdom impact!!