Where The Word of God + Worship = LIFE


Glorify Christ. Grow His Church.


Exalt Jesus, Edify His Body, and Evangelize the Lost




At Word and Worship Fellowship Church, our mission is to faithfully exalt Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to nurture and strengthen His Body through the unwavering commitment to and guidance of the infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word of God, while fostering a vibrant fellowship centered around a lifestyle of worship, and to passionately evangelize the lost, inviting them to experience the love of Christ that leads to transformation.


Our vision is to establish a fellowship where the centrality of The Word of God and Worship shapes the believer’s life. We fervently seek to impact communities through the exaltation of Jesus Christ, the edification of His Body, and the evangelism of the lost, envisioning a future where our fellowship embodies these values and positively influences lives and communities to do the same.